MoDOT Traveler Information App Reviews

new update

Dont download new update. It doesnt work on iPhone.

Great app

Great app when traveling in Missouri


I learned 2018 KC has more road work going on than Carter has Pills!!

Update killed app

New update killed the app, just a white screen now.


This app used to work well but frequently does not provide the camera stream as designed. It also is formatted to fit older screen iPhone and looks bad on anything else. MODOT should redesign this entire interface as it looks and works as something designed many years ago.


On Monday, May 7, 2018, called MODOT. I asked about a report on a toad closer on I70 East due to a traffic accident. A woman told me to go to and go to traveler information, with a map with icons. I did so, but had to download an app- after updating my password. I got the app finally, but the MODOT map with icons gave NO information. It didn’t permit any clicks with info, as had been promised. No accessible information useful to us.

Suggestion for the future

Very good app. I just wish the app had the mile marker info like the full website does. Otherwise it is perfect.


Not all cameras work

Great information

So far this appears to be great. I turned on all the features for the map and it’s fantastic to see real time traffic cams. Big ice storm right now and it’s reassuring to confirm which roads are ice covered and that staying home is the wisest decision.


The overlays on the app don't work at all. Winter conditions doesn't go to the legend that they show. There is no functionality that they claim to have.

Cameras not working.

Odessa and Higginsville cameras not showing a picture after they selected. Worked a couple of days ago.

Rural resident

I liked the “My Routes” in the older app. I tried searching for the state highway in this area and it “could not be found”. So far the app just seems worthless.

Traffic Cameras

The majority of the traffic cameras are always "temporarily unavailable."

Not useful for routing

Shows closed roads (not exact locations for long length closures, but still good). The routing function though sent me right down I44 right through all of the closures, not very useful then as Google Maps is having a hard time keeping up as well.

NOT user friendly

The app is extremely difficult to use in my opinion. It shows some road closures but not all. It's difficult to navigate. When you type in a destination and doesn't even recognize it's Missouri (even with the zip code) and sent me to a map of California :/ Definitely needs improvement.


App doesn't work. It is only blank with a blue bubble. I wanted to use it for detours and closed roads due to flooding in our area.

Just OK

Shows the closed roads but their mapping service just takes you to a road right next to the flooded road or off an exit ramp and back on, clearly these 'alternate' roads are also flooded

Better than reviews

Wow if people would actually try the app, learn how to use it then it would work for them. Worth the download def! And nice features. Good job modot!

Don't understand it

The captions are unclear of understanding. The bubbles are so big, I have no idea how to navigate an alternative route

Please Update App!!!

The iPhone version of this app doesn't do anything. The map will not update with current/actual information, only appears as a template. Not helpful at all!


No stars for this app. App will not work on my iPad, it locks it up. For all the PR this app gets MODOT needs a better app developer. I have seen a roadside sign on US Rt. 60 that says it all.

Not very good.

I know there are roads closed but the map shows all green which according to their legend means the roads are clear. If it's closed it should be red. And when you click on the flood bubbles it makes no sense whatever they've typed in there. It def. could be a little more user/layman friendly.

Camera operation

The app works good me, just wish more of the cameras along I-44 between St. Clair and Springfield were working. Also, maybe install a camera at Jerome.


This app is useless. It displays a blank map, you can't zoom in or out, and selecting things from the menu doesn't change anything. There are hundreds of road closings across the state due to flooding. The time this is most needed and it doesn't work! I am traveling across the state so it would be nice to know what routes are affected. Nice idea, too bad it doesn't work.

Doesn't work on iPhone 7

There is no where to email about app issues that I found. It freezes right after opening. iPhone 7 plus iOS 10.2.1. Please fix.

Great app!!

Keeps me updated on winter road conditions! Thumbs up!!

Love the app

However it showing me a different way to work then I go - and I want to be able to change that so when the bad weather starts I well know if the roads are clear. Also there I Black line the route they are doing well that change if traffics is bad or the roads are ice or snow covered

Great, but...

Great updates, only thing the app lacks is the ability to look up mike markers/plot nearest mile marker to the user. Would be a great informational asset for in- or out-of-state travelers when reporting incidents to the Highway Patrol.


Not all that useful. It might be possible to simply use it as a map, if it wasn't for the fact that roads and labels are very difficult to read because they're all very faint gray.

App update

Wanted to praise the update to the MoDot app. The applications performance is significantly better than the prior and the look seems more up to date.

Great update

This update, rewritten in Swift makes the app usable! Love it!

Classic Modot

This app is horrible. If I could I would give it one star. One of the main reasons to use the app is to check on the weather conditions for the roads. This functionality used to work. However, you can no longer turn it on.

Pretty Poorly Done

I used to like this little app. It handled things pretty well and showed good highway information for weather. Now it won't even turn on the highway information. It really needs an update.

TERRIBLE No winter conditions

Downloaded this app to get road conditions for January 2016. Not able to turn on winter roads. Terrible app.

FIX-Winter Road Conditions Gone

In my opinion the ONLY reason for for this app is to see what the road conditions are during the winter months when it's either snowing or icy. With a recent update a few things changed. To be able to use the winter road condition feature, go to Settings, find the MoDot Traveler app and turn on the "Always Winter" feature.

Winter road conditions Doesn't work.

There is a toggle under layers that won't allow me to turn it on. To see winter road conditions. It says only for winter time. Duh! It won't let me turn it on so I can see that layer of the modot map.

Winter weather layer not working!

Never had issues with this app when I had my iPhone 3. Now, with my iPhone 6 Plus, having a few issues. It will not let me turn on the winter weather weather layer on the map.

Can't see winter road conditions.

I downloaded this specifically to see winter weather Road conditions and the app won't let me turn that option on. It says "winter season only", last time I checked the middle of January was still winter.

Missouri Road Conditions Map

The weather condition feature will not turn in because it's only available during the winter season. It is January, a winter storm swept across most of Missouri is clearly winter however this feature is still not available.

Allow Road Conditions!!

Under layers, please allow us to select "road conditions". It won't allow us to slide the bar to view road conditions. It says that feature is only available for winter months...I would say we are in the heart of winter months!!

Winter Road Conditions Missing

They are working on the iPad & online but not on the iPhone. Please fix.

Road Conditions

I have deleted and reloaded this app to get road conditions back and it still will not work.

Another piece of junk!

Map doesn't work all the time. Our tax dollars wasted once again.

Winter weather missing

The one time I use this app is to check road conditions following snow and ice. That part of the app is broke. And it's not like you can look up the conditions in safari because the map is so terrible. You can't zoom in properly. This leaves mobile users in Missouri in the dark.

Can't get weather related road conditions!!

Very sad App! Won't let me get weather related road conditions. Waste of space.

No one is manning the store

It's late January and the app won't allow "winter" toggle to switch on, not allowing winter road conditions on the map, rendering it useless.

Was good.

Lost the ability to see road conditions in the middle of a snow storm. That is not helpful.

No Road Conditions

To check road conditions, it is greyes out saying, "Winter season only." Or something like that. I don't think you can get anymore winter season than the middle of January.

Winter road conditions broken

Unable to turn on winter road conditions. Says only available in winter months. If January isn't a winter month then what is?

No longer works

App once was a great tool. Old version on iPhone still works. Can't get snow/ road conditions layer to work on new version on iPad. Kinda defeats the whole purpose.

Can't turn on winter road conditions?!

The toggle for winter conditions is not working...with the icy roads today this is a needed item. Please fix this asap!


This used to work. Now it doesn't. Won't show the road conditions anymore, which is the only point. Doesn't let me choose road conditions. Also, what is with the fake review that showed up when I clicked through to review this app. Really? You write your own rave review and expect me to just go with it? Please fix it now.

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