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Not all that useful. It might be possible to simply use it as a map, if it wasnt for the fact that roads and labels are very difficult to read because theyre all very faint gray.

Great, but...

Great updates, only thing the app lacks is the ability to look up mike markers/plot nearest mile marker to the user. Would be a great informational asset for in- or out-of-state travelers when reporting incidents to the Highway Patrol.

Love the app

However it showing me a different way to work then I go - and I want to be able to change that so when the bad weather starts I well know if the roads are clear. Also there I Black line the route they are doing well that change if traffics is bad or the roads are ice or snow covered

Great app!!

Keeps me updated on winter road conditions! Thumbs up!!

Doesnt work on iPhone 7

There is no where to email about app issues that I found. It freezes right after opening. iPhone 7 plus iOS 10.2.1. Please fix.

It works

Not sure what the one-star reviewers are griping about. The colors dont shine out, but the operation of the Legend and turning on of features is quite simple. Also must remember it is for Interstates and US / State highways only, not local roads. My only suggestion is to make the color coded issue routes wider to stand out more.

Winter roads

This app is next to useless on an Iphone. The road colors are only a few pixels wide no where near the width of the road or highway. So when a thin purple line is over laid on a yellow road it almost appears red. When zooming in the colored line showing the road condition does not resize to match the new size of the road.this could be a very useful app. Especially for users that cant use flash on their computers.

Not up to date!

Nice setup but doesnt show winter weather conditions!

Go to Legend

For those of you providing a low rating for this app it is because you dont know how to use it. You have to click legend on top right hand corner, scroll down and toggle on all the options you wish to see (like weather, cameras, etc). Learn to use an app before providing a negative review.

Use the legend to get road conditions

The default setting is useless, but after playing around with settings under the "legend" button, it worked great.

New update is so much better!

I have an iphone 5s and the new update totally solved the problem with the winter weather condition colors not showing correctly. Its now even better than the website because when you find your location it gives road conditions for some city streets and not just highways. Thank you for fixing it!!

Too little info

This app is of limited value if only the condition of state-maintained roads is available. I need to know the status of all roads in my city, not the very few that the state maintains. The closest state-maintained road is miles from my home.

Very helpful

Love this app for road conditions during the winter. Very helpful for going on the road and sending college kids off. Thank you!!!!

Modot app

I cant find any of my highways on this map. I live in swmo and cannot find hwy e or 90. Hwys are not labeled well on the maps and the app support has no help that I can find. Its all about working for modot?? Either modot doesnt know McDonald county exists or I cant figure out this app. When selecting swmo-it brings up only hwys for south central mo?

Wheres the views?

Was so mjuch better when we could see the cameras on the highways, particularly this last winter.


This app is very helpful, especially when preparing for a route in winter weather! This gives you an accurate idea of the road conditions youre facing.

A No-Frills Way to Check Road Conditions

This is a content compelling app. No eye candy to lure you in. Just reliable status of road conditions related to weather, traffic accidents, and construction. A little more attention to usability and this could rate a four or five.

Highway 53 in SEMO

Why does MoDot not even acknowledge this road even exists--never any report on this highway, ever.

No flooded roads shown

Downloaded to check if roads were flooded after a huge storm. Didnt see any on my route and that was, obviously, false. Thanks for literally nothing MODOT

Incomplete info

Yeah, this app was pretty useless. It didnt include any of the flooded roads listed on the MoDot website. Even Apple Maps had most of those.

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